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on September 11, 2014
Bed bugs and they will try to take 3 months rent if you leave. I had to move my items and get sprayed multiple times, while i was in school affected my studies and the spray gave me migraines, it's designed to kill things shure took away some wonderfull years off my life.
Posted by Anonymous, a tennant from December, 2012 to May, 2014
on October 3, 2013
Do not move here! Trust me it's too much of a headache. I moved there in September with the promise that there were no bed bugs because all the places had hardwood flooring on my floor including mine. This was a BIG FAT LIE. The hallway is still capertted and bed bugs aren't scared of wooden flooring.

After just 2 weeks of being there I found a dead bed bug. We showed it to management and they were quite quick to react. They had the place fumigated the following week BUT we had to pack and move everything and we had JUST moved there. Not to mention the cost of washing all our clothes and linen was ridiculous. The DO NOT fumigate, Orkin uses pesticieds or something because they required more than 1 visit (2 visits.) Fumigation will kill eggs in 1 visit. They did not fumigate as before the 2nd treatment I was getting bit and I found eggs on the floor near my desk. It was absolutely horrendous. Management is good to deal with it to some extent but it is not worth the headache. I mean I had just moved there and I wanted to move out that same month how awful is that?

The bed bug issue will never be solved either until the close down the building. They only deal with the apartments that bring proof of a bed bug. So adjacent apartments can spread the bed bugs to you. Essentially, I knew that there was a very good likelihood that the bed bugs would return. It may be cheap but there's a very good reason for that.

Also, you can't even report the issue on bedbugregistry.com anymore (i tried it gave me a 404) so people are brainwashed into thinking Carpeit magically solved the problem. All wrong.
Posted by Amber, a tennant from September, 2013 to October, 2013
on June 16, 2013
Capreit has worked hard to improve the property, but think lipstick on a pig. They painted over, and replaced the gross carpeting, but like the other reviewer said, think little or no customer service. The fire alarms go off every other week or more often, to the point now they gave us a notice that there are monthly fire drills. Little more than an excuse to irritate the tenants. On the topic of irritating tenants, they have been jackhammering the entire parking garage, directly below tenant apartments, and began without notice. The flyers went in tenant doors and the next week the drilling started, with an estimated 24 months until completion.
Partying goes on unchecked, security standing by and watching the revelry at 1 am in the morning. Expect notices at 9 pm for inspections at 8 am the next day. If you put in a request for help - most likely for mice, which are rampant - you won't hear a word, but there will be "safety inspections" every month - but no action. Our fire alarm in the apartment hasn't worked since we moved in, but the floor alarms would wake up the dead anyway.

Overall, not worth it, not even though it is the cheapest rent on the peninsula. Best I can figure, is they still want to collect rent until they flip over to condos when the shipbuilding starts. We'll be gone by then!
Posted by Anonymous, a tennant since September, 2012
on September 29, 2012
A place to call home temporarily .... has potential to be much more ... some day of course. For right now it is just a place to lay your head until you can figure out what you want to do and where you are going.

- Basic amenities
- Reasonable rates. Although there was a increase when Capreit took over in September.
_ Cockroach and bed bug issues. They are making every attempt to eradicate the infestation but as of today, they are still here.
_ Standard one bedroom is 950 with parking at an additional cost.
_ New laundry machines but quite expensive. 2.75 if you wish to use hot water. Dryer at 1.75
_ Carpet in the hallways are gross to say the least.
_ New landlord/Superintendant come across as being not engaged even though there appears to be an outreach to the tenants. Memos are frequent but when you call the office to or go to see someone the experience is cold. Customer Service is key and at the moment this is something they are lacking. Perhaps they have a lot on their plate ... rightfully so since transglobe and greeewin properties did nothing for years and left this place in a big mess.

-Capreit appears to want to make things right. Just keep in check that Customer Service is a key component to engaging the residents and making them feel like they can call this place home. Even for a little while.

Posted by Anonymous, a tennant since May, 2011
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Ocean Towers

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