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About Dartmouth Apartments
Dartmouth is the sister city to Halifax, and until the mid 1990's was its own separate city. Although now merged as part of Halifax, Dartmouth is commonly still recognized as its own city.

Located on the east side of the Halifax Harbour, Dartmouth extends from the McKay Bridge, down to Cole Harbour and Eastern Passage, and over to Upper Lawrencetown. Dartmouth is commonly known The City of Lakes, for its large number of lakes, including Banook Lake and Lake Micmac .Dartmouth is also home to the Nova Scotia community college (NSCC), Akerley Campus

Dartmouth offers an array of rental apartments, including apartment buildings and houses. Dartmouth apartments are available in all sizes, amenities, and building styles. Dartmouth apartment buildings can range significantly in price, depending on location - with some high priced luxury apartments, while others are priced near public housing rates.

Dartmouth houses are also available with a range of prices and features, primarily depending on location. These range from beautiful waterfront homes, to affordable flat apartments for bargain prices.

In addition to its close proximity to Halifax, Dartmouth apartment dwellers can take advantage of numerous shopping opportunities; including MicMac Mall, and Dartmouth Crossing. Both shopping centers offer a large array of box stores and restaurants, conveniently located and accessible.