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About Moncton Apartments
Moncton is located on the southeast corner of New Brunswick and is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Moncton has experienced impressive growth in recent years, as it continues to attract diverse private business across all sectors, with no one sector making up more than 8% of economic activity. Moncton also is known as a young and exciting city to live in, with a vibrant downtown, several amusment parks, a zoo, and lots of shopping activity. Moncton even recently hosted several major concerts, attracting almost 100,000 visitors to the city. As if this was not impressive enough, Moncton also is home to the Universite de Moncton (UdeM), one of the country's only french language universities. Due to all of this activity and offerings, Moncton apartments are in high demand from regular citizens and students alike. Moncton has an array of apartment buildings, from high density to individual units. There are also private houses to rent, from flat rentals to individual apartment rentals.