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New Brunswick Apartments & House Rentals

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We're a free search engine that tracks New Brunswick apartment & house rentals - including both commercial & private properties!
We strive to list every vacancy in the New Brunswick region - while making it easy to search and find the perfect apartment.

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About New Brunswick Apartments
New Brunswick is one of Maritime provinces, and is the only officially bilingual Canadian province. The province has a population of approximately 750,000 people.

New Brunswick apartments depend largely on the region. The three main cities (Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John) have a wide range of apartment rental options, from large apartment buildings to individual house rentals. However, apartment rental options become more narrow when looking outside of these cities. Smaller regions through New Brunswick (i.e. Bathurst, Edmonston, Miramichi, Sackville) usually have less apartment buildings, and more individual house rentals. Many New Brunswick communities have no apartment rental companies present, so all rentals are through private landlords renting out flats or houses.

New Brunswick apartments are some of the most affordable apartments in Canada, with the average price for a 2 bedroom rental at $660/mo (as of April/2010). New Brunswick renters also enjoy a fairly large apartment vacancy rate of nearly 5%.