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Prince Edward Island Apartments & House Rentals

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We're a free search engine that tracks Prince Edward Island apartment & house rentals - including both commercial & private properties!
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About Prince Edward Island Apartments
Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest Canadian province, both in terms of population and size. PEI has a population of just 140,000 residents, and a land size of 5,683.91 km2.

PEI apartments are primarily found in the province's capital city, Charlottetown. However, given the proportionately large number of students within the capital city, a fair number of apartment buildings and apartment rentals exist. These include large apartment buildings managed by national rental companies, ranging to individual room and flat rentals by private citizens.

Outside of the capital city, Prince Edward Island has significantly less apartment rental options. With the focus largely on monthly cottage rentals, yearly renters will find most apartments comprised of flat and house rentals.

Given the relatively low supply of PEI apartment rental options outside of the capital city, and given the usual city markup within it's boundaries, the average rental price for a 2 bedroom apartment is a fairly steep $707/month (April 2010). This is the second most expensive apartment rental rate in the Atlantic provinces.