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More Site Updates & Media Coverage

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Hey everyone, we have some new site updates for you today!

Save Listing - Next time you're doing a search, click a isting on our map and you'll see a little "Save [ ]" box has been added to the top-right. If you click the checkbox, the marker icon will go lime green, and the rental in the list below will automatically go green as well. Whenever you visit the site from tthe same computer, we'll remember that you saved it, and will always keep it nice and green for you! You can of course uncheck the box, and it will return to normal.

This is a great way to make a "short list" of apartments you'd like to check back later, etc. And of course as always, whenever you click on an apartment listing link, the marker will always go grey to indicate that you've already checked out that ad. Sorting and scanning through listings has never been easier!

Date Listed - Okay this is a really easy one, but very useful none the less. We owe all the credit to a couple of users who wrote in and suggested it: Now whenever you click on a listing on the map, at the bottom of the information box is the date the ad was listed. While all of our listings should be current and available, this will give you an idea of how long it has been actively advertised.

Instant New Listing Alerts - As many people already know, we have an awesome "Notify of New Rentals" feature, which allows you to be notified of new rentals that match your search. Previously we only sent out rental alerts once a day, first thing in the morning. However, our site is always updating our listings, so we have updated this tool to allow the option of receiving "Instant Updates".

What this means is that as soon as a new rental is added that matches your search criteria, you'll immediately get an email notifying you about it. Given the hot competition for September apartments this year (due to reduced Vacancy Rates), a few hours can make the difference between getting your perfect apartment, or moving back in with your parents. We're happy to help you avoid that...

Media Coverage - We're excited to be featured in allNovaScotia.com today! The great article is about our recent growth, and about our expansion across Atlantic Canada. If you have a subscription to their site, definitely check it out!