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Short Term & Sublet Search Added, +350 More Rentals!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

It's that time of year again when students are turning their attention to the warming weather around them and thinking about summer plans. For many, this means returning home and/or finding a summer apartment. This traditionally has been a haphazard search for many, with no central source for information or listings. There is never any shortage of possibilities, but how can you ever compare them all, or ensure that you're not missing out on the dream digs?

We can help! Based on visitor feedback, we have added a search filter that allows you to search only sublets and other short term accommodations. On the Search Rentals page, selecting the "Lease" dropdown menu allows you to optionally choose between:

  • Full & Sublet - Search all apartments in our catalog.
  • Full Term Only - Search full-term regular apartment rentals.
  • Short & Sublet - Sublets and specialty accommodations for shorter duration stays.
  • With the addition of short term and sublet rental listings, we have expanded the type of apartment that our search engine looks for and accepts. This change has resulted in an additional 350 rentals being added to our index. At the time of writing, we now have well over 1,500 available rentals for the Halifax area!