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201 Rutledge St, Bedford

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on May 27, 2018
I will start by saying that the Superintendents are a very friendly couple. But they are given very little ability to fix things by the owner. Keep that in mind with the list of problems I am going to write.

The bad:
Doors have no seals. So any sounds and smells from the hallway comes right inside.

Window screens(in my apartment) all have holes or gaps.

The walls seem to have no insulation as sound travels through them very easily. I can hear my neighbours conversations.

There is no guest parking.

The fit and finish of doors and trim is terrible allowing whatever creatures that can fit easy access.

The door buzzer system doesn't have a working talk function. And the unlocking of the door makes no sound. So I've had to tell guests to buzz then keep pulling on the door until it opens.

There are a lot of loud, angry and inconsiderate residents in the building. They yell inside their apartments, in the hallways, and outside. They let their kids run and scream in the halls. They slam doors and play loud music.

The hallways frequently stink and have a lot of stains on the carpet.

Police are frequently called to the building.

The good:
Bell Fiberop internet is available, heat and water are included in the rent.
Posted by Anonymous, a tennant since June, 2017
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201 Rutledge St

Bedford, NS, B4A 1Y1