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Fenwick Tower

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on September 9, 2016
We would never have chosen Fenwick if we new how difficult it would be to deal with its staff and how much bullshit there was to leave the building. We ended up losing a lot of money due to their incompetent staff and tricky rules. Besides that, our security deposit of around $2000 was totally lost. The managers couldn't care less about the tenants. Also, they do nothing about noisy neighboors. We lived there for almost 2 years, while most of the time went without problems, it was a hell to leave the building. Do not recommend.
Posted by Anonymous
on July 15, 2016
Worst place I've ever lived.
If you want to worry about questionably legal rent increases, cockroaches, and bedbugs, live here.
Posted by Anonymous
on June 23, 2016
This place is a DUMP, the upper floors where I lived are Dorm style and violated both building codes and tenant/landlord codes. The city refused to send an inspector when I lodged a complaint including pictures of Holes in the wall, Mold around window sills. Missing Ceiling panels. The place was disgusting, elevators to the top floors did not often work forcing you to walk down stairs to the lower floors. Fire Alarms going off at odd hours.

Watch the leases, they love to nail you for every little dollar. Not a place I would recommend.
Posted by Anonymous, a tennant from August, 2014 to February, 2015
on September 22, 2015
Really really old building. Floor was a complete mess, wood was loose and could be lifted, discolored and heavily scratched. Walls are poorly painted, numerous nicks, pipes and wires hanging everywhere. Cockroaches can be found in most cupboard spaces. The owner of the company Matthew Metliege will make it his business to come down and lie to you when things are not going his way. You will not see him until you move out and then he will lecture you on how you haven't moved out of the apartment early so someone else can move in early.

Out inspection will be performed. Prepare to receive a carbon copy of it; which they will discard and attempt to keep your damage deposit anyways. If you're looking for a horribly overpriced place that would love to separate you from your money; look no further. You can live in live recreation of Charlie's apartment from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for a cool grand a month. (Parking is $80 extra, don't expect to have working lights in the bathroom or the meagre remains of your damage deposit returned.)
Posted by Clarence, a tennant from January, 2013 to September, 2015
on May 14, 2015
I hate this apartment.Management is very bad they won't take care of the people living in and they won't respect us.

If there are bugs in unit they call pest control n book appointment in a month r two. We faced many problems in my unit.
Posted by Anonymous, a tennant since December, 2014
on October 14, 2014
AVOID at all costs.

Such a good location, but such a friggen dump.

Before we moved in, they didn't even paint or clean the place.

Trying to get maintenance is awful, we went a month with no lightbulbs in the bathroom that has no windows.

They don't consider the mould in our tub a health issue.

If you have a truck, which needs parking I guarantee it will barely fit into the parkade, because the ceiling 6'7 and they are not responsible for anything even though you pay a fortune to park in a crappy place.

The plugs in the bathroom are ancient and won't fit a straightener, blow dryer, razor so you basically can't even look pretty unless you have a massive mirror in your bedroom.

As I'm writing this one of the cupboard doors in the kitchen just fell on my head.

As of right now, the owners are (I could throw in a million swear words but you get my point)

Just don't live here. Its convenient, but find another place at all costs. Its not worth your time or money.

I hate this place. Should be demolished.

Posted by Frustrated and Need out of my lease, a tennant since August, 2013
on September 10, 2014

Myself and my wife had a deposit on our unit from out of the province as we were given a totally misleading description by the staff. This place is a total dump plus the rent is sky high for no apparent reason but profits.

The building in clearly under maintained with broken windows, graffiti, stains in all the carpeting and obvious signs in leaking around the upper floor windows. The building manager is nothing but a slum lord out take as much from you as possible. The state of disrepair really shows how little they care about this building.

Posted by Anonymous, a tennant since August, 2014
on March 20, 2014
This building is in a good location, but that is all that is good about it. The building is a dump. All of the windows in our unit would leak during storms. Rather than replace the windows, as Halifax By-Laws require, they just loaded them with silicone. The windows still leak, and now they can't be opened. The building also has a ton of cockroaches, and the units are quite cold in the winter. Ours dropped as low as 12 degrees Celsius, and that's even with the heat at maximum. The building is just a dump, and the owners, Templeton Properties, are too cheap to repair anything. Avoid this building at all costs.
Posted by Anonymous
on March 15, 2013
I'm the same person as below. Here is what BedBug report commenters had to say about the place.

Posted by Anonymous, a tennant from September, 2011 to September, 2012
on March 15, 2013
I'm a student who has lived in Fenwick tower for a year. The location was excellent, right across from a Sobeys, a subway, a nice Lebanese place, and a Needs. And right next door was a Shopper's Drugmart! The lobbey was really nice and they even have a gym. There was a cafe but it ran out of business. The 18, the 10, and the 17 all stop near by which is very convenient for students. There was also a UPS but I think it moved and you were only a quick walk away from Spring Garden. However...

When I moved in, the apartment was dirty. No one prepared it for us. There was cat food, cereal, and cat toys all over the kitchen floor. The fridge still had food in it. The stove was full of soap remnants. Several cupboards had broken hinges, the door to the balcony would not open, the doorknob to our apartment was broken, there were holes in the walls, one window was broken making the apartment cold and drafty, and our bathtub was clogged so we couldn't take a bath.

Although Templeton Properties has been renovating the building, it is very old and it shows. While the staff seem nice enough, the building is poorly managed. The elevators are always breaking down and even when they're all working the wait for an elevator tends to take 10 to 15 minutes. I lived on the 12th floor and it was quicker to run down the fire exit. Oh, and people had a habit of leaving GARBAGE in the hallway, in the fire exit, or in the elevator, so the apartment always smelled. The heat kicked out in the dead of winter on multiple occasions and we had to repeatedly nag them to fix the issue. It was so bad that we had to wear layers of sweaters, slippers, socks to bed.

Because the building was full of students there was a lot of drinking and partying. Someone was always blasting music and I often had incidents in which people sat out in the hallway playing guitar and singing, or they would bang on all of the doors on our floor for fun.

If you ever need anything done in Fenwick, don't count on it. Seriously. One of my friends on a higher floor had a bedbug problem. They had tried to get Fenwick to look after it but received no response. And on moving day... I understand that it's a large building. We were supposed to be moved out of there by 1 PM and wound up being moved out by 6 PM. Fair enough.

However, we had cleaned the apartment SPOTLESS and took all of our furniture to be moved into our new apartment on the same day. We returned our keys, and gave them our phone numbers, our e-mails, and our new mailing address with the person in charge of the operation because they said they were too busy to give us an inspection. They told us they would contact us.

2 weeks later and having received no word from Fenwick, we returned to inquire about the inspection and our security deposit. They informed us that we would not be receiving a security deposit (500$) because we didn't get an inspection even though they were the ones who wouldn't subject us to one. Despite having moved all of our furniture out of the apartment, they also made the claim that we had left furniture behind (a table, chairs, a king sized bed, ect.) although we owned none of these things (We slept on a futon and owned no table).

We've been fighting them for the return of our security deposit and still no luck. I advise anyone staying in Fenwick to take dated pictures of their apartment upon moving in and out because Templeton has been known to pull these dirty tricks with other tenants. The location is wonderful and I miss it, but the place is incredibly expensive and is not worth the money.
Posted by Anonymous, a tennant from September, 2011 to September, 2012
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Fenwick Tower

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